Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Many Thanks

Hola todos!
Enjoy some fotos from the workshop.... Thanks to all the models, wonderful participants, and of course, Michelle, Gina, Kim and Will for a successful and productive time for photography! And thanks to the Mother for the beauty of Big Sur. Hope to see many of you at the next workshop starting the 18th.


  1. Marianne,

    I just love these!... especially the two of Kim and Gina - you captured such truth in their camaraderie ;)

    But you know which ones I can't wait to see!!... Did they turn out?... or did I not nail the focus? lol!

    xoxo - hope to hear from you soon - I'll mail you a CD in the next week or so...


  2. Marianne,

    Wonderful work! I love the perspective and sense of person/place captured in your photographs. I have some to get down to you by email as well. All the best,


  3. love the workshop images love the ones of us too.
    thanks would love to get a copy if possible.
    take care, gina and kim